74 years of continuous operation,
branch- show room of fireplaces and stoves

The company A. MISAILIDIS SONS CO is a traditional family and constantly evolving business, completing 74 years of continuous operation based on 7.5 km of National Road Thessaloniki-Kavala in Nea Efkarpia and branch- show room of fireplaces and stoves in Perivolaki of Lagkada Thessalonikis (opposite the factory AGNO).

The main object of the company is the production of products made of cast iron (Grey Iron) and especially manhole covers and gully grates. Furthermore, harmonized in EU directives that define strict quality and strength required to meet EU products, the company supplies manhole covers and grates rainwater made from Ductile Iron.

The company response to the general trend for shaping and beautification of cities, maintaining the aesthetics of the past, producing products such as traditional lamp posts (cast iron, aluminum, steel), benches, tables, tree grates, bollards, bins, fountains, address sigh posts etc. contributing to the effort to improve the quality of life.

The same time the company in response to the general trend for alternative sources of heating and holding the heat of the fireplace, it has its own production of air heating fireplaces, boilers, inserts and stoves with the certification of CE. Trades the products of the companies LaNordica – Extraflame, Teba, TimSistem & Skladova. Finally sells products of cement and stone as barbeques, ovens, wells, fountains, churches, sinks, flowerpots, tables and benches.

The consequence for customers and commitment to quality of the products are the main features of the company. For this purpose has established the Quality Management System Certification ISO 9001:2008 and the Environmental Management System Certification ISO 14001:2004.

The company’s products are available both wholesale and retail, throughout Greece and abroad.